Nine must-have apps when travelling

Judy and Taylor in France

Whether you are trying to go off the grid or not, technology has undeniably changed the way we lived our everyday lives. Not only from what we decide to eat to how we listen to music, but also with traveling, from booking a flight to paying for a hotel, everything is done through the internet. So, might as well embrace the change and use it to our advantage. Here are some of the most useful apps to download before setting off on your adventure.

  1. Duo Lingo and Google translate – Evidently, when in another country you will probably encounter a lot of miscommunication or language barriers. So what’s the best way to overcome this dilemma? Put a little effort into learning and speaking the other’s language. In the end, they’ll appreciate the effort as a sign of respect for the culture, and you’ll get the chance to learn something new.
  2. Viber or Whatsapp – When travelling anywhere out of the United States; Europeans, South Americans, or Asians all typically use either of these two apps to communicate. The reason? Phone plans are not so common outside of the United States because of the prevalence of public Wi-Fi. It’s free, fun, and fast. So despite how awesome your international plan is, it’s inevitable to adopt these apps when making new friends from all over the world.
  3. Google Maps – I could attest from the frustration of wandering around foreign streets with a paper map, that this app could single-handedly become your most valuable travel tool. You’re going to be treading a lot of unknown water, and when going to a specific location such as a museum or a restaurant there is no better navigating system for both walking and taking public transport.  I particularly recommend Google Maps as opposed to Maps, because of their offline feature, which saves your route despite lost of connection. Besides, there is no better way to  explore a city then by walking, you never know what cool things you’re going to find.
  4. Uber – Besides using Google Maps or the local taxi company, (unless banned in the city you are visiting) Uber is your next most reliable resource when getting from one place to another without any hassle. Yes, it is more expensive, but on a drunken wayfarer night there might not be anything more straightforward than an Uber ride back to your hotel/hostel/airbnb. Plus: you can worry less about having foreign currency.
  5. Magnus – Are you the touristy type that likes to explore the history and art of a place? Then I believe this app was made for you. Magnus updates you on all of the new exhibits and must-see museums of wherever you are travelling to. Perfect for helping you build a sightseeing bucket list.
  6. HotelTonight and Hipmunk– If you’re the spontaneous type, these two apps will help you find the best hotel deals anywhere in the world at the last minute.

Have you had any apps that helped you on last adventure? Share in the comments!